20140204_112733As a Call Center Leader or Owner there’s no question about your passion, product/service knowledge, and skills to handle even the most difficult of callers. No one is questioning your effectiveness on the phones to sustain your energy, enthusiasm, call control and service excellence all day every day. Let’s face it, you know your stuff! Heck, that’s what got you where you are today. If only we can have 50 more of “you”.




– Supervisors spend a majority of their day   putting out fires.

– Are typically reactive to what ever “happens” on a given day.                                                                        

– Are in their office space analyzing metrics/reports more than on the floor coaching their

– Many hold Pre-Shift or Post-Shift meetings (which is a good thing)  but are mostly   informative…How we did yesterday, What we need to accomplish today.

– Day in and day out they hope for something positive to change or move the needle.                               

– Yes many supervisors conduct coaching sessions but are quickly called upon to handle   another problem or answer another agent question .

– Very few Supervisors actually hold their agents accountable.

Solution – Help Your Agents Help Themselves
We all want performing, independent, accountable, passionate, knowledgeable, courteous, and professional agents. Yes! Agents who can solve their own problems, make or save the company money, and are low maintenance… consistently. Of course!

Here are Three Quick Solutions to Help Them Help Themselves

1) Build Positive Supervisor/Agent Relationships – Supervisor Relevancy is all about the impact a manager has on his or her team’s attitude, performance and life in general. I’m not talking about being a cheerleader here, I’m talking about relationships built on, trust, respect, integrity and inspiration.
2) Make Time to Develop the Team – Key word is “make”. If you don’t plan to coach your team each and every day, it probably won’t happen. Schedule your daily floor coaching and make sure it is without distractions. They will expect it, benefit from it, and respect you for it.
3) What and Who to Coach? – Everyone, differently. A) Why bother coaching a Star performer? Because every star eventually burns out. Help take them to the next constellation, with stretch objectives. B) Immediately address Problem Agents or Under Performers. If left untouched, this alone can destroy a team and your credibility. C) Hold agents accountable for doing what they have been trained to do 4) Inspect what you expect but “expect” the best from everyone.

If we can only have 50 more of you…

We’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg with this important topic. A program like our Call Center Floor Manager Coaching is an example of how to literally transform the culture of a call center. Do yourself a favor, don’t invest another dime training your agents until your floor supervisors are trained first.

Thank you,

Patrick Giordano