The Retail Sales Management course is an intense 2.0 days of learning where the new or experienced retail manager will walk away with an increased level of confidence and competence to manage, lead and coach their sales associates to new levels of performance. This course will help the manager build accountability, independence and skills of each member of their team. Whether your stores are measured on sales per hour, customer service ratings, or overall revenue, the store manager is the key to long-term business success. Retail Sales Management will help you achieve this goal.

Tailored for: New or experienced Retail Managers, Supervisors or Regional Managers.

Course Objectives:

  • Go from Sales Associate to Manager to Leader – Earn the respect and credibility from the people that may have been your peers
  • Manage the “Millennial” Generation Y Associate – Effectively Communicate, Relate and Manage the Gen Y sales associate to achieve your business goals
  • Hire the Right Sales Associate – Competency Based Interviewing
  • Set individual associate goals and objectives
  • Develop The Team – Utilize the PEAK coaching method: Purpose, Experiences, Alternatives, Keys to Solution
  • Create a Culture of Accountability – Store Managers will develop their people to deal with everyday customer or operations challenge by developing their decision making abilities
  • Increase Employee Engagement – Leverage individual strengths to motivate the team
  • Reduce Employee Turnover – Learn to ACQUIRE, RETAIN, and DEVELOP associates
  • Effectively Provide Feedback – 3 Types of Feedback: Balanced, Positive and Formative
  • Walk the Talk & Lead By Example – Inspect What You Expect: Do what you say, Say what you do and Check back with associate that they did what you asked

Duration: 2 Days

Pricing: $7,500.00

  • Multiple courses booked at one time: ($6900.00 per workshop)
  • 12 participant maximum
  • Travel is additional