Are your retail sales associates missing out on certain sales opportunities? Do your retail sales employees struggle to their monthly quotas? Are your daily sales inconsistent? These are some of the things that many retailers struggle with. That is why GCT offers retail sales training programs that will give your retail sales representatives the tools and techniques to improve your day-to-day sales.

After the completion of our expert retail sales training program, you can feel confident that your retail customer experience will be well executed and well received by your customer in accordance with your company values. GCT’s retail sales expertise stems from both personal and professional experience because we have been on both sides of the relationship, sales and consumer. Learn more about each of our retail sales training programs below.

Retail Sales Excellence – “Make It Easy Make It Great!”

Something’s in life are very predictable. For example, in retail, when a customer walks into a store and the salesperson approaches and says, “Hi, can I help you?” The universal response is, “No thank you. I’m just looking.” Selling in a retail environment needs to be completely customer centric. This means, we must understand the customer expectations from the moment they enter the store. Retail Sales Excellence is our 2-day retail sales training workshop that will not only make your retail sales a pleasurable experience for the customer, but you will see positive gains in your sales efforts as well.

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Retail Sales Management

The Retail Sales Management Training Course is an intense 2 days of learning where the new or experienced retail manager will walk away with an increased level of confidence and competence to manage, lead and coach their retail sales associates to new levels of performance. This management training course will teach the manager about instilling accountability and independence into each member of their sales team. Whether your stores are measured on sales per hour, customer service ratings or overall revenue, the store manager is the key to long-term business success, and our Retail Sales Management Training Course will help you achieve this goal.

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