In this first session of the Management and Executive Development training series participants will learn the essential skills and knowledge to begin a successful career in management. This session is focused on the “need to know” information and foundational skills that will place the manager on the right track as he/she transitions into a leadership role.

Course Goals: It is the intention and design of this session to enable the participant to understand the nature, scope and importance of their role as a leader. Each participant will walk away with an increased level of awareness as to what it takes to be an effective leader. Participants will also demonstrate the use of a highly effective interviewing and coaching process. Upon conclusion, each participant will create their personal action commitment plan to execute the new found knowledge and skills.

Course Topics:

  • You’re a Manager – Now What?
    • Going from “peer” to manager – Earn the respect and credibility from the people that you may have worked with side by side
  • New Manager Challenges – What to expect? What to avoid?
    • The 3 roles of a manager: Business, Tactical, People
    • Principle Centered Management – Values that get the team rowing in same direction
  • Manager Vs Leader – Instilling both manager and leadership values
    • “Managers do things right. Leaders do the right things”
  • Managing Vs Coaching – If the manager is coaching then the employee owns the result. If the manager is managing then he/she owns the performance. When to Coach? When to Manage?
  • Management Styles – Autocratic, Democratic
    • Which style are you? When is it best to be Autocratic or Democratic?
  • Effective Management Communication Skills
    • What is your non-verbal behavior saying about you?
    • The power of 1) Eye Contact 2) Posture 3) Tone of Voice
    • Intentions Vs Behavior: Employees do not see your intentions, they only see behavior. Learn to communicate using your “whole self”.
  • Competency Based Interviewing
    • Understanding of how job specific competencies shape the interview
    • Aligning job competencies to interviewing questions
    • Creating competency based questions
    • Interview Role Play – Utilizing participant scenarios
  • Final Activity – Personal Action Commitment plan. Participants leave with their personal development plan and SMART objectives for implementation of session I learning content

Duration: 2 Days

Pricing: $8,500.00

  • Multiple courses booked at one time: ($7,500.00 per workshop)
  • 12 participant maximum
  • Travel is additional