Session II of the Management and Executive Development series is focused on performance based leadership best practices. The manager will learn proven methods to assess and develop actionable performance plans aligned to business objectives. This is very much a hands-on session where the manager will be challenged to coach to the desired business results while maintaining employee self esteem, motivation and commitment along the way.

Course Goals: The manager will gain increased confidence demonstrating the use of highly effective coaching methods and performance stimulating tools. An indirect benefit of this session is the increased level of respect the manager will receive from his/her team members due to a resurgence of energy and professionalism.

Course Topics:

  • Review of Session I – Review of key learning points and progress of personal action plans
  • Common Leadership Challenges – Examples
    • Avoids confrontation
    • Favoritism
    • Lack of communication
    • Poor communication skills
    • Credibility issues – Going from “peer” to supervisor
    • Managers learn to deal with each of these challenges
  • Three Principles to live by to be an effective leader
    • Treat people fairly
    • Communicate regularly
    • When in doubt talk to HR
  • The Formal Coaching Process – Build independent and accountable teams for the long term
    • The PEAK method: Purpose, Experiences, Alternatives, Keys to solution
    • Coaching Role play – Using participant’s current scenarios brought to the training
  • The Four Types of Performers – How to manage performers not just the results
    • Stars
    • Coasters
    • Strivers
    • Problem Child
  • Informal Coaching Skills – Coaching on the spot for quick change
    • Managing Stars – Raising the bar on strong performers
    • Managing the Problem Child or Intolerable Performance
    • Confronting Resisters
    • Jump start “Coasters” with new energy and motivation
    • Action Plans – Participants develop individual action plans for each type of performer on their team
  • Manager Relevancy
    • What Matters Most to Employees?
    • What Impacts Employee Morale and Productivity Most?
    • Build Employee Manager Relations
    • Impact of Leader Behaviors
  • Introduction to Emotional Intelligence
    • What is Emotional Intelligence (EI)?
    • How Can EI Help Us Be Better at Coaching and Leading people?
    • How Can EI Help Improve performance?
    • The Five Steps To Achieving a High EI

Duration: 2 Days

Pricing: $8,500.00

  • Multiple courses booked at one time: ($7,500.00 per workshop)
  • 12 participant maximum
  • Travel is additional