Prospecting for New Business Workshop: The single most important step in the sales process is prospecting. There is a tendency for many sales professionals to sit comfortably within their “current sales month”. The Prospecting for New Business workshop will increase the sales person”s ability to look ahead two, three or six months down the road to generate leads and improve the closing ratios of calls to appointments.

Course Goals:

  • The number one goal of prospecting is to get the appointment. This program will show you how to do that, plain and simple.

Tailored for: Sales people in an acquisition mode of selling new accounts. All levels of outside sales or sales management

Course Objectives: All topics include practical application and practice

  • Using Social Media to get new prospects
  • Is Your Net Working? Avoid the many time wasters that are common to sales networking
  • Do a quick qualification of prospect’s buying mode
  • Learn the different prospect’s Buying Conditions and understand why prospects put up resistance to appointment setting efforts
  • Learn how to make the extra calls by staying Motivated
  • Phone for Appointments process that works
  • Apply a proven and successful in-person Cold Calling process
  • Get Past Gatekeepers while making them your ally
  • Get past the initial put-off, “We’re not interested”, “No thank you”, “We’re all set”
  • Ratios-Do you know your numbers? Prospecting is all about knowing how many “suspects” you can turn into “prospects” that result in appointments

Duration: 2 Days

Pricing: $6,995.00