Negotiation Dynamics: All of us tend to do some form of negotiating, whether for a new car, house or where to go on vacation with your spouse or significant other. In business, however, you may not get a second chance to negotiate an acceptable deal. The bottom line is, it’s a buyer’s market. Customers have more options than ever before. Many competitors are willing to play the price game by giving their products away without any profit margin. So, gone are the days of the low hanging fruit. Success in this marketplace is predicated on your ability to establish the right relationships, position yourself with the right people and negotiate effectively for long lasting Win/Win outcomes. This is why the Negotiating Dynamics program has been the solution for 1,000’s of business professionals. This course is built on a very effective negotiation principle; Relationships are as important as the Substance of the negotiation. Winning at all costs is NOT what this course is about.

Course Goals:

  • Participants will walk away with increased negotiating confidence and the ability to achieve Win Win outcomes

Tailored for: Anyone who relies on others for their success.

Course Objectives: All topics include practical application and practice

  • Relationship Assessment Model – The importance of Relationships in a Negotiation. Learn the 5 types of negotiation relationships and the difference each will have on the negotiation outcome
  • Discussions on: When to Negotiate? What is the difference between a Negotiation and a Disagreement or an Objection? Having the proper Negotiating “Attitude”. Traditional Vs Collaborative Negotiation methods
  • Negotiation Preparation – Participants will learn why preparing for a negotiation is THE most important part in the process. The 6 Steps to effective preparation
  • The “OPEN” Collaborative Negotiation Process
    • Open the Negotiation – Setting the stage and the environment
    • Probe to understand Interests – Questioning for clarification
    • Exchange of Variables and Ideas – 7 Forms of Power
    • Negotiate the Deal – Styles of negotiating, Manage conflict & Reach a mutually acceptable agreement
  • Managing the “Tough” Negotiator – Maneuvers, Tricks & Tactics used
  • FINAL Practice – Each participant will practice all key elements of a successful negotiation as taught in the course

Duration: 2 Days

Pricing: $6,995.00