Executive Level Selling: When it comes down to making the final decision, approving or creating the budget, “THE” most important person in a sales person’s life is the Sr. Executive. The Executive Level Selling program will dramatically increase your confidence and effectiveness to access the Sr. Executive and “sell up” in an organization. Most programs teach Why it is important or When to sell to upper management. This program will show you HOW to do it and be successful at it.

Tailored for: All Sales, Sales Management, or Customer Relations professionals who call on Major Accounts and have a challenge getting positioned and selling at the executive level.

Course Topics:

  • Relationship Assessment – Assessing the current customer relationships within your accounts. The 5 levels of strategic customer relationships and HOW to leverage them.
  • Executive Level Communication Skills – To sell to a CEO you must act like one. Key communication skills to establish instant credibility
  • Executive Positioning – Getting access to the executive suite
  • Identifying Additional Sales Opportunities – Taking the blinders off to understand your customer’s entire Business
  • Executive Transition Statements – A method which gains “permission” to access other members of the organization. Avoids being “pigeon holed” from lower level contacts and avoids burning any bridges if you go above them
  • Building “Strategic” Relationships – How to be viewed by your client as more than a “vendor”
  • Preparing for the Executive Meeting – In depth pre-call planner for high level meetings
  • Executing the Executive Meeting – A process used to manage and control the meeting
  • Advanced Questioning Skills – A “C” level big picture series of questions to uncover executives’ perspectives on their most pressing business issues
  • Align Your Value Proposition to Customer’s Business Priorities – Understanding the expected ROI (Return On Investment), linking your solutions to show how expected ROI will be achieved
  • “Time to Value” – Understand and apply “The Time to Value” equation to achieve the expected result. Showing a client how your solution will bring value quickly
  • The Top 5 Expected Business Results – Revenue, Efficiency, Customer Retention, Up-selling, Cutting of Non-value or Discretionary Expenses – How your solutions will help the Sr. Executive in these areas
  • Executive Meeting Role Play – At the end of the program, participants will conduct a very challenging Sr. Executive sales meeting. The account manager will play the role of the actual customer executive from one of their own accounts. They will rely on their pre-training planning and research on the customer business. They will be expected to demonstrate how their product/service will address the client business challenges, impact their internal and external customers, and meet expected ROI

Duration: 2 Days

Pricing: $5,900.00 up to 16 people.