Corporate Account Management (CAM): This high-level account development program is aimed at empowering the seasoned sales professional with the advanced skills necessary to sell and manage complex customers. Changing market conditions and heightened customer expectations, along with more aggressive competition, dictate that we must manage our strategic accounts differently.

Course Goals:

  • To provide the account manager with a process which will increase account intelligence through the development of a focused strategy.

Tailored for: Experienced sales professionals calling on large, complex corporations which are national or multi-national in scope. For Global Account Managers, Strategic Account Managers, National or Major Account Managers, Sales Managers, VPs, Business Development personnel, or Entire Account Teams.

Course Objectives:

  • Organize complex customers into manageable and targeted Areas of Focus
  • Increase effectiveness of closing individual sales opportunities
  • Achieve a basic understanding for how your solutions can impact Finance and Money in your customer organization
  • Know the current Sales Environment in which you are selling so that you never get caught blindsided
  • Create and deploy a results oriented account and opportunity plan that can be replicated across all strategic accounts
  • Conduct a Competitive analysis for improved positioning
  • Identify all stakeholders for each opportunity
  • Identify future sales opportunities
  • Improve Forecasting by completing a rigorous opportunity assessment

Duration: 1.5 Days

Pricing: $5,900.00