Consultative Selling (CS): This highly successful sales process is designed to enable the sales professional to be effective at all levels in the customer organization. This tactical course is built from over 25 years experience of best demonstrated practices from over 25,000 sales professionals. Consultative Selling is a must for all sales people and managers regardless of experience level. Participants learn a powerful process to draw out pressing business issues and seek the quantifiable impact these issues are having on the customer’s business. This approach will stimulate the sales process for action because the customer realizes how much their problems are costing them and that doing nothing is not an option.

Course Goals:

  • Improve closing ratios by building relationships of trust. Identify customer challenges and sales opportunities, Sell real value and differentiate yourself from the competition.

Tailored For: All levels of selling

Key Topics: All topics include practical application and extensive role playing

  • Perfect Preparation – Be better prepared than your competition. Success begins with great preparation. This module will set the stage for what it takes to be the best in your industry. Very specific and practical preparation steps are introduced. The participants will walk away with a solid preparation strategy that will build confidence and build instant credibility with clients. Practical Application: Participants will apply the Preparation and Call Objective strategy to one of their upcoming sales meetings.
  • The Consultative Sales Process (CSP) – This module will introduce participants to the power of the CSP. All will learn that Consultative Selling is about Profit-Based Selling for both your company and the client. It is designed to improve selling to customer decision makers who are interested in problem solving, new ideas, and profit margins. This is accomplished by changing the sales approach from selling products and “price” to selling the impact those products or services can have on the success of the customer business.
  • Opening The Call/Credibility – With perfect preparation, confidence and a good understanding of the customer organization the sales person will be able to positively execute a sales meeting. Key points discussed are; The critical first 30 seconds, How to earn instant credibility,Establish a “connection” right off the bat, The making of “trust” through effective verbal and non-verbal communication skills, Role Play.
  • Assessment of Needs– This module is much more than asking a few open ended and closed ended questions. It is about using a process to engage the customer to discuss important issues impeding their success. In addition, participants learn how to get the client to open up and share how the impact those issues are effecting their business and profit margins. When done effectively, customers are more likely to “act” rather than do nothing. Activity: Practice developing key questions;Role Play.                                                                                 
  • Influencing and Linking Solutions – Differentiation is typically not found in product features or specs. It is found in the sales person’s ability to understand client objectives and “link” their solutions in a powerful and influential way that addressing the specific business issues and how your solution will positively impact them. Participants will learn and apply a structure process that will tie-back client problems, challenges or impediments to growth with your product/or service. Role Play with your product/service solutions.                                  
  • Advanced Questioning Process – This module will equip the sales professional with an advanced  method for understanding the customer’s business drivers and resistors that are keeping them from meeting their objectives. When used effectively, the customer will do 90% of the talking and will provide the information needed to make a winning proposal presentation. It is called the S. C. O. R. E process. Which stands for; Situation, Challenge, Obstacle, Repercussions,Expression of Needs.
  • Closing – Closing should not be an individual step in the process. It should not come as a surprise to the customer. This module will demonstrate how to make closing a natural and expected part of the overall sales process. We will discuss the many ways to wrap up the deal and the best time to close.   Role Play with tough customer objections.                                            
  • Handling Customer Resistance –   We would all love a magic bullet that would diffuse any objection. This module will come close. GCT’s powerful objection handling process will keep you in the game. With enough practice, the sales person will have the confidence to welcome resistance, discuss it with their customer and assertively respond in a way that is often accepted. Role Play using relevant customer objections customized for your business.            
  • The Final Role Play – This final role play will incorporate all Consultative Selling steps. The sales person will have the time to prepare and launch into a sales meeting with a decision maker. They will each have approximately 20 minutes. To be successful, the sales person must demonstrate all elements of the CS process as taught in the program. Some may be asked to sit in the “hot seat” to role play with the instructor in front of the room.  All receive motivational as well as formative feedback.

Course Duration: 2.0 Days

Pricing: $5,900.00