Giordano Corporate Training is here to help your sales team flourish, so let us be your outsourced professionals for sales development. With our field sales training services, we make sure your sales representatives are maximizing their potential by empowering them with proven and measurable sales techniques and selling tactics. Let us help you get your sales team motivated and ready for success! Learn more about each of our corporate field sales training programs below.

Prospecting for New Business

The Prospecting for New Business Workshop focuses on one of the most important step in the sales, reaching out to new qualified prospects and initiating the sales process. We often find that many sales professionals have the tendency to sit comfortably within their “current sales numbers.” This workshop will increase the sales person’s ability to look ahead two, three or six months down the road to generate leads and improve the closing ratios of calls to appointments.

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Consultative Selling (CS)

“Consultative Selling” is a proven successful sales process is designed to enable the sales professional to be highly effective at all levels in the customer organization. Consultative selling is a must for all sales people and managers regardless of experience level. This field sales training course is built from over 20 years experience of best demonstrated practices from over 25,000 sales professionals. With the Consultative Selling Training Program, participants will learn a powerful process to draw out pressing business issues and seek the quantifiable impact these issues are having on the customer’s business.

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Negotiating Dynamics

All of us tend to do some form of negotiating, whether for a new car, a new house or where to go on vacation with your spouse or significant other. In business, however, you may not get a second chance to negotiate an acceptable deal. It’s a buyer’s market, and customers have more options than ever before. Success in this marketplace is predicated on your ability to negotiate effectively for long lasting Win/Win outcomes. This is why our Negotiating Dynamics Training Program has been the solution for thousands of business professionals. This field sales training course is built on a very effective negotiation principle: relationships are as important as the substance of the negotiation.

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Professional Presentation Skills

Knowledge is certainly power, but winning can be difficult without the ability to effectively and persuasively communicate your message to your audience. No need to worry; once you complete our Professional Presentation Skills Training Program, you will be able to deliver a powerful presentation from beginning to end.

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Corporate Account Management

A corporate account manager is responsible for maintaining the relationship between the business and its clients. Corporate account managers customarily serve as the primary contact for the client, which emphasizes the need for excellent customer oriented skills and a thorough knowledge of the company goals and priorities. This high-level corporate training and development program will give you the account management skills necessary to sell and manage complex clients.

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Executive Level Selling

When it comes down to making the final decision, approving or creating the budget, the most important person in a sales person’s life is the Sr. Executive. Our Executive Level Selling Training and Development Program will help you become the best Sr. Executive you can be. After completing this corporate training program, you will have the skills needed to engage in strategic dialogue with high and mid-level executives with the intent of eventually leading to revenue opportunities through sales.

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Sales Manager Training

Training For Sales Managers is an all encompassing proven effective course designed to show immediate results. The sales manager will learn how to hire, coach and build a team where more than 80% of the team is contributing towards sales targets.

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Objection Handling Workshop – COMING SOON

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Appointment Setting Workshop – COMING SOON

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