Telephone Sales Conversion (TSC): When so much is riding on your agent’s ability to convert calls to sales, you can only trust that your agents receive the very best possible training to do so. TSC is built from 20+ years of experience working with over 25,000 sales professionals from around the world. TSC is 100% focused on a Call Conversion process that is professional, integrity based, and totally customer centric. The goal of this program is to enhance the customer experience while driving profitable revenue. Agents walk away with an amazing sense of confidence and motivation from their own demonstrated success as well from the Structured Call Process they are given.

Tailored for: Virtually any call center needing to up-skill their agents to grow and retain customer revenue. Many clients find that the TSC program is a great complement to their current in-house sales training effort since it is a proven approach to Sales Conversion.

Course Topics: The topics described below are the most common modules delivered with the TSC program. Based on a complimentary analysis of your current recorded calls, GCT will customize each program to your specific requirements.

  • Immediate Call Control – TSC begins with an eye opening and humbling dose of “what is” and “what can be” for Sales agents. For many agents, call control means being able to answer customer questions and present pricing and product specs. This approach allows the customer to take the direction of the call wherever they choose. Controlling a call does not have to mean talking over the customer. This powerful module introduces the critical methods for How and When to establish professional call control.
  • Customer Types – Participants will learn how to immediately assess the type of customer they are dealing with. More importantly, they will know how to adjust their selling style to increase closing success. A key take-away from this module is the increased confidence the agent obtains when they see how they are able to convert certain customers they were not able to convert in the past.
  • Dynamic Call Openings – Short, energetic call openings can set the tone for a very successful sales call. Agents learn quickly how to professionally “connect” with every customer and thus break down any barriers to an open and sincere dialogue.
  • Early Objections For TSC Outbound – THE most important step in the outbound selling world is to get past the “Knee Jerk” or early objection, “I’m not interested”. Agents will not get to first base, or the Questioning step, if they cannot get past the first objection. This module will show agents how to do this effectively.
  • Developing Needs – With an effective Call Opening and in a very short amount of time, agents will learn to get customers to open up about what they want or need that they are not getting now, or are struggling with. When done well, this step will control the direction of the call. Agents learn highly effective types of Questions that can be asked on every call.  
  • Presenting Product/Service Value – Gone are the days when agents just read Features off a product brochure. This module brings together what the customer needs are and how your product/service value will fill those needs. The emphasis in this process is on the agent’s ability to “deliver” a confident, enthusiastic, and energetic solution that is based on Value and not just price. The Presentation process outlined in this module will provide great structure that can be repeated on every call with every agent. This means your call center will have consistency across the center.
  • Cross-Selling/Up-Selling – For inbound centers especially, up-selling effectively is key to growing the business. The most important skill that is learned and practiced in this module is “How” to effectively transition from either a service call or a sales call to an Up-Sell opportunity. Agents will deliver a case for each customer as to why it will be worth investing into Value-Added products or services.
  • Integrity Based Closing Techniques – Many courses will teach, for example, “21 Ways to Close a Deal” or “Always Be Closing”. The Integrity Based Closing module will take a principle-centered approach to assertively move the call to a natural close. Agents will walk away with new habits that say to the customer – “I believe in my product and you should too”.
  • Closing Objections – This module will introduce many critical factors on how to successfully deal with the objections that occur after the Closing question. One of the key learning points in this module is how to achieve the right objection handling “Attitude”. This module will offer a proven process that deals with some of the most common objections – “The Price is too High”, “I want to Think It Over”, “I need to ask my Partner/Spouse”, and many others. Success will come with practice, yet when agents build the confidence and get comfortable with this process they will convert more objections into sales.


Duration: 1.5 Days (15-Participant Maximum per workshop)

Pricing: $5,600.00 (Multiple courses booked at one time: $4950.00 per workshop)