Service Oriented Selling (SOS)  will equip your CSRs with a set of proactive servicing and a light dose of selling skills. Where many courses train agents to essentially be “nice”, a proactive approach calms callers and keeps the CSR in control of the call. SOS will show CSRs how to not only exceed the client’s expectations in every step of the call, it will also open the door to new opportunities for through an engaging process. To grow revenue, your agents can learn to be both informative and influential.

Service Oriented Selling covers the full range of skills for every step of the call so you get a complete solution for your center in one powerful program. This program will help your CSRs to:

  • Engage clients right from the beginning
  • Achieve true Single-Call Resolutions
  • Accurately diagnose issues so clients do not have to repeat themselves
  • Ask questions to position for up-sell or cross-sell opportunities
  • Present resolutions that give clients a feeling of control and involvement
  • Handle the most irate callers quickly, easily and proactively
  • Close out the call effectively
  • Effectively transfer clients without upsetting them
  • Manage Holds so clients do not feel like they are in a black hole
  • Keep clients informed, engaged and connected throughout the entire call
  • Keep clients connected and calm during dead air times

Tailored for: All CSRs and Supervisors of customer service needing to improve the customer experience while making new revenue contributions to the organization. For businesses requiring service as an integral part of the overall business strategy for retention and new revenue growth.

Course Objectives:

Day One

  • The Role of Customer Service – This module introduces the entire Service Oriented Selling skill set. The module briefs participants in the new Proactive Service approach and shows them how this strategy makes Single-Call Resolution and Great Customer Contacts easier. Having a strong level of rapport with clients improves service levels and helps to increase retention. CSRs learn the importance of instant rapport and extensive strategies and techniques for every call. The module also introduces great ways to greet callers.
  • Single-Call Resolution Process – Great servicing begins by fixing problems correctly on the first call. Participants learn how to identify caller issues and solve them the right way. Participants employ the LEAD process for handling most customer requests quickly and easily. The module also covers the value of taking Ownership and being Self-Reliant.
  • Transitioning From Service To Sales – Ideal for customer service centers, this module trains struggling agents on how to move from a pure service discussion to a service-to-sales dialogue. Participants learn the key places on a call where Discovery questions and product Presentations should take place, as well as simple and effective techniques for Closing.
  • Effective Holds and Transfers – If a caller doesn’t understand why she was just placed on hold, she will not wait patiently. The same is true for transfers. In this module participants learn professional methods for both skills.

Day Two

  • The Real Keys to Effective Listening – Most courses have a Listening module, but few really change the way associates listen. In this module, participants first learn the causes of poor listening and then learn proven methods for effectively listening on each customer contact. Participants greatly increase their listening proficiency by role-playing the Effective Listening Process.
  • Turning Irate Callers Into Lifelong Customers – Some callers are undoubtedly going to be hostile, and CSRs may even (unintentionally) contribute to their anger. Participants learn to manage and distill the caller’s hostility so that he/she can calm down and let the associate fix the problem.
  • Retention: Saving Cancellation Requests – Telephone associates can employ the skills from this module to keep callers from canceling – critical in this difficult economy. Participants learn the most common reasons why customers cancel as well as proven techniques to get to the root of their concerns quickly. Participants will role play the four step Retention Process.
Additional Modules Available: (No Additional Fees)
  • Positive Attitudes/Positive Customer Experience: The rewards of being positive are enormous. This module shows participants how to stay “up” and prevent negativity from or lack of energy from creeping into their work day. Participants learn excellent strategies for staying motivated and proven methods for leaving a positive experience for the caller. This module will address ways to sound great, every time, even when agents are tired or have just ended a difficult call.
  • Breakdowns/Fixes in the Single-Call Resolution Process: This is a unique module which illustrates Major Service Breakdowns that cause clients to call back more than once (e.g. client worries that a delivery time is not going to be met due to poor service by the CSR). Participants receive great tips for making sure these Breakdowns do not occur in the future, and thus making a Single-Call Resolution truly possible.
  • Building and Maintaining Customer Loyalty: Companies invest millions of dollars in Loyalty programs. This module helps senior management teams convey the importance of Loyalty at every level. Participants learn how important their role is and what they can with every customer engagement to keep customers loyal to your organization.
  • Successful Negotiation Techniques: CSRs need to have the right perspective about negotiating to make maintain happy customers. Historically, CSRs will give away much more than they need to. This module provides a proven formula for dealing with customer compensation or price related issues.

Duration: 1.5 Days

Pricing: $5,900.00

  • Multiple courses booked at one time: ($4,900.00 per workshop)
  • 12 participant maximum
  • Travel is additional