Performance Based Coaching that leads to independent, Accountable, High Performing Call Center Teams

The Call Center Manager Coaching Program is by far our most popular and successful program! The focus is on driving performance through a highly effective leadership and coaching based model. The participants will learn proven methods to assess a team’s and individual performance and develop actionable agent development plans that are aligned to the business objectives. This is very much a “roll up your sleeves” hands-on session where the manager will be challenged to coach to the desired business results while maintaining employee self esteem, motivation and commitment for change.

Course Goals:

The manager will walk away with a set of tools that will sustain positive change to occur within their center. An indirect benefit of this session is the increased level of respect and trust the manager will receive from his/her team members due to their resurgence of energy and professionalism.

Key Topics:

  • Effective Call Assessments – So often a Team Leader will review recorded calls of their team, provide feedback daily or weekly only to see little to no change in the agent’s performance. The Effective Call Assessments module offers a powerful set of tools that will equip the manager to:
    • Define the expected elements for “true” Call Flow Adherence
    • Score, Evaluate and Communicate individual results in a highly effective manner
    • Implement a set of Action Oriented coaching/training that is specific to agent performance. The manager will learn how to engage the agent to “own” the necessary changes needing improvement.
  • Managing Vs Leading Vs Coaching – This module will set the tone for the program by quickly pointing out the difference between Leading a team, Managing and Effective Coaching. A key take-away in this program is the self assessment the manager/team leader does to determine their own areas needing immediate improvement. When the participant understands that Managers are the people who “Do Things Right”… and Leaders are the ones “Who Do the Right Things” they quickly realize how they need to change the way they view their job.
  • Common Leadership Challenges – When a Call Center Manager/Supervisor understands that their own leadership challenges are common to many and they can learn how to deal with them, there is an immediate sense of confidence that is achieved. Some examples of the leadership challenges discussed are;
    • Avoids confrontation
    • Favoritism
    • Lack of communication
    • Poor communications skills
    • Credibility issues – Going from “peer” to supervisor
  • Sales Agent Performance Types – Chances are, your sales teams consist of a few Stars, Coasters, newly hired Strivers, and possibly a few Problem Children. This module will drill down to how to Manage, Coach and Lead each sales agent to become Star Performers. The manager will create very specific action plans. Each participant will conduct an extensive role play using their “actual” situations to coach to the desired behavior.
  • “In the Moment Coaching” Tool Box – This module will introduce a set of informal coaching skills. The manager will learn how to instill “quick change” in they’re people. The emphasis will first be about the importance of changing how much time the manager spends on the call center floor coaching their people. We will show you how to schedule and implement a pattern of daily coaching that will transform your center almost overnight. The following are examples of In the Moment Coaching Skills that are discussed.
    • Getting Agents Back on Track
    • Confronting Non-Compliant Agents
    • Daily Doses of Feedback
    • Jump starting “Coasters” with new energy and motivation
    • Stretch Objectives – Raising the Bar
    • Managing the Problem Child
    • Action Plans – Participants develop individual action plans for each type of performer on their team
  • The PEAK Coaching Model – A One on One Formal Coaching Process. Managers will learn that agents do not need to agree with their feedback but must make sure they understand it. This module will introduce a very powerful coaching process for a one on one private setting. The outcome is focused on helping the manager achieve awareness for area that need to be addressed, developing their agents to solve their own development issues and achieve commitment and “buy-in” from the agent during the entire coaching session. Theprocess is called the PEAK Coaching model:
    • P urpose
    • E xperiences
    • A lternatives
    • K ey to Solution (for commitment)
    • Coaching Role play – Using participant’s current scenarios brought to the training
  • Final Coaching Role Play I & II – Managers are immersed in very realistic call center floor coaching role play. Each manager will be challenged to apply the Formal (1) and Informal (II) coaching methods learned from the program. Success is achieved when the manager identifies the correct “coaching issue” then successfully implements the coaching tool most appropriate to the situation and agent at hand.

Duration: 2.0 Days

Pricing: $5,900.00

  • Multiple courses booked at one time: ($4,900.00 per workshop)
  • 12 participant maximum
  • Travel is additional