GCT can literally transform your call center’s productivity with our renowned call center training solutions which include our Telephone Sales Conversion and Call Center Manager Coaching programs. With our experience in this space, you can reignite your call center’s performance almost overnight. We will build a center of agents that embodies confidence, accountability, independence, and positive attitudes in both the team leader and the sales or service team. Learn more about each of our call center training programs below.

Telephone Sales Conversion (TSC) – Outbound or Inbound

One thing that is consistent in the Call Center Sales environment is the inconsistency of agent performance. If your sales center is like most, then the following types of performer exist on your team: Coasters, Strivers, Stars and perhaps a few Problem Children. Our program has converted Coasters to Stars and in some cases even help turn around some of the Problem Agents. If your agents have not been properly trained on how to sell, then you may also be experiencing high employee turnover. Up-skill your team with exception skills that turn “informative” agents into highly energized “persuasive” agents. Our Telephone Sales Conversion (Inbound or Outbound) course is designed to infuse the sales team with renewed confidence and call control that they have not seen. The agent’s work day is more rewarding and customers appreciate the professional manner in which their calls are handled. You can virtually eliminate being totally “reactive” on every call and put more control back into your company’s destiny. In a nut-shell, our proven call flow process is totally buyer focused with an emphasis on “Connecting” with every caller. In a matter of seconds the caller will know they have reached the right person and the right company.

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Call Center Manager Coaching (CCMC)

Call Center Manager Coaching is a 2.5 day program designed specifically for Team Leaders, Supervisors, Managers and Directors of call centers. If your center is in need of more effective leadership, better coaching, and the ability to sustain positive change then this is what this program is about. Our clients attribute results from a pure cultural change to long term agent performance improvements in the range of 20-300% in conversion and retention rates.

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Service Oriented Selling – Driving Revenue Through Customer Service

Our Service Oriented Selling Training Program will help your CSR’s make the transition to sales in a non-threatening manner. Service agents will learn a set of proactive skills while touching on a moderate set of persuasive selling techniques. CSR will learn how to calm an irate caller and move the conversation in a professional friendly manner that meets or exceeds the customer expectations. When a connection is made and call control is established immediately, callers gain the assurance that they are important and the agent they are speaking with is accountable. Revenue growth comes when the CSR applies a smooth transition to a sales conversation immediately upon resolution of the service issue.

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