FACTS For Trainers – This stands for Facilitation And Complete Trainer Skills. Whether you are a new or experienced trainer, this course will dramatically increase your effectiveness. The FACTS for Trainers program offers instructors complete trainer skills for delivering with more confidence, passion and authority. This course teaches how to challenge participants’ abilities as well as how to establish a learning environment in which participants are highly motivated and want to learn. You will see instant behavior modification of your own skills which in the end means improved performance on the job for you and your attendees.

Course Goals:

  • When applying the skills from this course the trainer will increase the level of participation and earn instant respect from his/her audience.

Tailored for: All professional trainers looking to either begin their career in training or to take their current skills to a higher level.

Course Topics:

  • Know the difference between Presenting and Training
  • Master true Facilitation skills – Leverage the experience in the room to incorporate multi-dimensional learning
  • Use the Baseball technique to achieve total audience Engagement and Participation
  • Use Non-Verbal communication to work for you Not against you
  • Establish strong Credibility upfront by creating powerful Course Openings
  • Professionally handle any questions from the audience
  • Manage participant personalities and learning styles
  • Learn an introduction to Course Design & Development
  • Effectively utilize various types of Media

Duration: 4 Days

Pricing: $9,950.00