Hello everyone,

Are you finding the need to update your contact list more often these days? One of the many challenges sales professionals are facing in this sluggish economy is finding out that their main contact is no longer working at their prospective or customer’s business. This is becoming a very common occurrence. When this does happen,  the real questions are:

Close-up of a humorous nametag

  • Were you caught blindsided or did you see it coming?
  • Are you positioned deep and wide enough in the account or are all your eggs in one buyer’s basket?
  • What is your approach with the “New Buyer”?

The natural response a sales person would to take when a new buyer is in charge is usually a Reactive one. They try to get in to see him/her and talk about the history and success they have had with his/her predecessor. Research has shown that this approach may be a big mistake! New buyers want to make a name for themselves and will thus instill as much change as they see fit when they take office. They want to discuss the future more so than what their predecessor did.

Key tips to remember when a new buyer come into play:

  • Discuss your capabilities with him/her
  • Focus on the “Future” not the Past with the new buyer
  • Don’t wait, set an appointment ASAP as most changes occur between one and 18 months on the job.