iStock_000003755967MediumAre your agents purely responsible for customer service, revenue growth, or a combination of both? If both then consider this…are they more Informative or Persuasive with clients? The answer will come when you take the following assessment.

1) Who is driving the direction of each call? Customer or Agent?

2) Who is asking the majority of the questions? Customer or Agent?

3) Are the agents more Reactive or Proactive with customers? Meaning, do they suggest, recommend solutions not thought of by the customer?

4) Do your agents accept the first “No” they hear after a product offer?

5) Do your agents have more product knowledge than influential skills?

6) Are your agents more about being Nice, Pleasant, or Amiable Vs Assertive, Confident and Bold when it comes to product recommendations?

7) Do your agents wrap up their calls immediately after the customer’s issues, problems, or concerns are addressed? Or do they transition to Up-Sell or Cross-Sell mode for a potential new sale?

8) Who is doing most of the Talking? Customer or Agent?

9) How do your agents deal with rejection? Not a problem? Bothersome, Fearful?

10) If your agents are responsible for revenue growth have they been given professional training and skills to do it successfully?