1534405_195297090659719_282420901_nSituation – GCT Client, MobileHelp, the leader in M-PERS (mobile-personal emergency response system) technology shows tremendous growth, makes the INC. 500 Fastest Growing Private Companies List! 

August 20th, 2014:  MobileHelp’s CEO Ron Flippo,

“I am very excited to announce that MobileHelp was named to the Inc 500 fastest growing private companies.  Our overall rank is #111 out of 5000 companies.  The growth we are experiencing is a team effort and I want to thank everyone for their efforts as we continue to make MobileHelp a world class operation.”

Actions – December 2013: MobileHelp Engages GCT & Partner CCTS:  Newly appointed SVP of Sales and Marketing for MobileHelp, Jeff Hilton, summons GCT & CCTS  to design, develop, and deliver a sales process for all Mobile Help Inbound/Outbound agents. Mr. Hilton selected the GCT/CCTS team because of their proven success in training within the Call Center space since 1992. Mr. Hilton’s goals for the training effort were;

1) Train and certify all agents on selling Value, Service, and Reliability over price

2) Build relationships based on Trust, Knowledge, and Credibility

3) Position MobileHelp as a Vendor of Choice with every customer

4) Show an immediate and sustained increase in Call Conversion and Revenue


Sales increase by 74%+ only 3 weeks after training. Per the recommendation of Mr. Giordano, Mr. Hilton reached out to a GCT partner, The Call Center Group A-Z, a well established recruiting firm dedicated to the Call Center industry, to identify and hire a highly qualified Manager for MobileHelp’s Call Center Sales and Operations.

GCT’s President, Patrick Giordano, received this email August 20, 2014 from Mr. Hilton as part of the team responsible for MobileHelp’s recent achievement to the INC. 500 List of Fastest Growing Private Companies.


This recognition was just made public today and I wanted to reach out to thank every one of you who have helped make MobileHelp a world-class provider of mobile Personal Emergency Response Systems.  My goal is to beat our position on this list for next year and you are the team that will get that done. Thanks again to all involved and let’s keep this game rolling!!”  

 Jeff Hilton, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing for MobileHelp

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