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3 Dimensional Leadership To Survive and Thrive

Leaders have never been more challenged and tested than what we are seeing today. Keeping your team focused, motivated, engaged, and productive when in many situations employees are doing the job of two or three people can be a daunting task. In many cases, pay increases and corporate incentives have dwindled and in some organizations promotions […] Read More

Your Telesales Agents Need You!

As a Call Center Leader or Owner there’s no question about your passion, product/service knowledge, and skills to handle even the most difficult of callers. No one is questioning your effectiveness on the phones to sustain your energy, enthusiasm, call control and service excellence all day every day. Let’s face it, you know your stuff! […] Read More

Quantify Your Efforts! Know Your Personal Rate of Return

Quantify Your Efforts! Do You Know Your Personal Rate of Return? (PRR) Why should you care? Whether we know it or not, whether we like it or not each of us has a personal value rate in our jobs. Figuring out your personal rate of return can come in very handy during performance reviews, resume building […] Read More

Call Center Agent Wake Up Call for 2015

  1) Fake It Till You Make it – Have Life and Enthusiasm on Every Call! Customers don’t care if they are your first call of the day or your 85th call. Have life and energy on every call. When the phone rings it’s “Show Time”… curtains up! 2) What Are You Selling? What is the customer […] Read More