1) Fake It Till You Make it – Have Life and Enthusiasm on Every Call! Customers don’t care if they are your first call of the day or your 85th call. Have life and energy on every call. When the phone rings it’s “Show Time”… curtains up!

2) What Are You Selling? What is the customer buying? Are you pushing products or what your product or service will do for people? For example, Better Lifestyle, Confidence, Wellness, Profitability, Peace of Mind, Pride, Enjoyment.

3) In General, People  Don’t Say What They Mean…”I’m  Busy”, “I’m in the middle of something”, “I don’t have time right now”, “I’m not interested”, “The price is too high”. If you want the REAL answer ask the same question a different way at least three times. Never take the first response…it is only a REACTION.

4) Agents Must Obtain At Least Four Yes’ From The Caller

  • Yes to the Agent (Do I like this person?)
  • Yes to the Company (Are you reputable?)
  • Yes to your Solution/Product (Will it do what I need it to do?)
  • Yes to the Order!

5) Remove Tunnel Vision – The reason for the call is just the beginning.  Agents should take their blinders off. Inbound sales is like Retail. Whenever the phone rings the customer has entered your store. If they came in for a tie/scarf we must show them a shirt/blouse!  Up-Sell Every Time!

6) If Nothing Else Educate on Every Call! – For example; Caller: “I’m calling about a question on my bill.” Agent: “Ok I can definitely help you with that”. Agent: “I’m glad I was able to take care of that for you…I noticed in the system you are not taking advantage of our  new ____ products”. Are you aware we offer _____?”

7) When They Like Us They May Buy From Us – Connecting with people on a personal level will build trust and demonstrate integrity in your sales process. Connecting is more than just saying “How are you today?” It should occur through out the call in a sincere manner.

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