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Become a 3 Dimensional Leader

Hello Everyone, Leaders have never been more challenged and tested than what we are seeing today. Keeping your team focused, motivated, engaged and productive when in many situations they are doing the job of two or three people. In many cases, pay increases and corporate incentives have dwindled and in some organizations promotions and opportunities […] Read More

An Account Stress Test

Hello everyone, This article¬†focused on the importance of doing a “Stress Test” for your most valued customers or Strategic Accounts. While most of us do account business reviews on a regular basis, it would be wise under the current economic condition to do a more rigorous assessment of the overall viability of the current customer […] Read More

Sharing of the Risk

Hello everyone, As many of us know, being Consultative with our clients means listening, solving problems and making recommendations that will impact a customer’s business. A more formal definition would be: Consultative Selling focuses on profit improvement. It requires selling at the executive level to those who are concerned and responsible for the profitability of […] Read More