Patrick Giordano
GCT is one of the top corporate learning and employee development companies specializing in Call Centers, Field Sales, Retail Sales and Executive Management. Since 1990 GCT has worked with all types of industries using our uniquely designed training solutions which not only impact sales conversion but overall revenue growth and market penetration. Our clients currently enjoy a 20-40% increase in revenue and some report up to 300% improvement in sales per hour. 

GCT’s scope of expertise in sales enablement allows us to support your most pressing performance issues for employee and management levels. Whether you are newly promoted into a supervisory role or are a veteran team leader, GCT can place you on the right track with our management and leadership development series. Many corporate training departments take on a vast role of responsibility to as generalists to support the entire corporate learning demands. Many call on us as needed “specialist” to improve employee performance. 

At GCT this is ALL we do! We take a laser approach to zeroing in on the capabilities of your sales and management team and recommend learning solutions proven to help you meet your business objectives.   We truly “get it.” We have over 20 years of doing exactly what you want your sales and management teams to be doing. We trained well over 25,000 business professionals and have held leadership roles in Sales, Management, and Learning & Development for Fortune 500 companies comprising 1200 – 7500 sales team members. 

We “carry a bag”, make cold calls for appointments, sell over the phone, and prospect for new business on a daily basis. We know how to leverage social media to gain new customers. We have both a hunter and farmer sales mentality which will help you foster a healthy portfolio or book of business. We have provided our corporate training services to both domestic and international organizations.

Specialists in Licensing and Certifying Clients’ Trainers

GCT also offers our signature corporate training courses for sale to our clients via Site Licenses. This means that you just pay us once for the program content that we will customize for you and you own them forever. Included in the purchase, we build rigorous instructor certifications for your trainers to make sure they can deliver our programs with excellence right from the start. Learn more When it comes to sales management development, we get it because we have led domestic and global teams ourselves. When it comes to call center training solutions, we get it because we have sold over the phone and have heard every customer objection imaginable. When it comes to sales training, we get it because we worked with the best of breed and have done it successfully!

100% Money Back Guarantee! – GCT is one of the only training companies that will guarantee the work they do for clients. If you are not satisfied with the design and delivery of our programs we will refund your money (excluding expenses) plain and simple. 

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